Cleaning for COVID-19

Available for COVID-19 or any other specific deep cleaning

Expert COVID-19 Cleaning Solutions

Whether your workplace is now open, or you are planning to reopen, consideration needs to be given to disinfecting and deep cleaning on a regular basis. Controlling the risk of Coronavirus (Covid-19) is essential to your business being able to open and remain open. It’s FBM’s specialist COVID-19 cleaning services dedicated to minimising risk to your clients, employees and members of the public ensuring you stay operational.

Outsourcing Models

We aim to have a continuous improvement flow throughout our tenure at each of our client’s sites, whether that be starting new programs on site when we arrive or running with existing programs and adjusting along the way to better suit workflow and the quality output.

Fully Outsourced

Partially Outsourced

Full Transition

Top Up Service

Our COVID-19 Cleaning Services

The Advantages of Outsourcing with FBM

We understand that running a hotel’s housekeeping department can be a very time-consuming and labour-intensive job which is why it’s becoming more and more popular to outsource.

With FBM, we turn your housekeeping fixed costs into variable costs. You’ll never be over or understaffed, and that allows you to simplify your room servicing budgets and avoid any overruns irrespective of occupancy. By partnering with us, we provide you with fully-qualified housekeeping staff trained to our high standards and who understand your brand. You will no longer have to worry about recruitment, training, service quality or over staffing.

By choosing to outsource housekeeping and cleaning services, you will be able to customize a service plan to fit your needs and budget instead of paying a regular wages to an employees. This also means you will save costs of recruiting, uniforms, equipment, training and other employee benefits.

In a period where business environments are continually changing, it is more important than ever to decrease the liabilities that hotels have to deal with – starting with employment. Outsourcing allows businesses to not exhaust themselves over stringent recruitment processes or deal with absenteeism, attrition, turnover, and fixed salaries.

With an already complicated hotel business to run, you have enough on plate. Why make it more complex by adding the task of managing a cleaning team? By choosing to outsource, you can direct all your energy towards core functions of your business and achieve new heights.

Outsourcing housekeeping does not just mean you have access to trained professional cleaners but also you can rely on the provider to cover a large spectrum of services as and when you require, making it more convenient and flexible for you, whilst saving you the time.

Outsourcing providers specialize in cleaning and housekeeping. Outsourced housekeeping staff can ensure superior quality compared to an in-house cleaner as outsourcing providers like FBM invest time and money in training employees and upgrading to the industry’s latest equipment and techniques.

You will be provided a fully-tailored outsourcing contract with all-inclusive budget enabling you to plan better with predictable budget expenditure whilst ensuring you are never under-staffed or over-staffed.